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If you are looking for the crowd and noise then our villa won’t be the right place for your holiday. Noise is 10 car minutes away in the towns on the sea that are crowded with people in the summer and sleep bitten by the bora wind in winter. Beaches are 9 car minutes away and they are so indented that you will surely find your right place under the sun on one of well maintained beaches with sun chairs and umbrellas, on some isolated rock or on some wild beach where you can sleep like Robinsons. The alternative: our wide pool with sunbathing area and wi fi. Villa Višnjan is a small green oasis of peace offering to its guest scents of the Mediterranean and relaxing sun rays early in the morning. Birds are always singing here. You want need the alarm clock because you will be waked up by bells from the nearby bell tower just as in a romantic movie. In the afternoon just some tractors will roar in the nearby wine yards toughly working to make the ground gives the best grapes that will give excellent wines, the vines that are produced in Višnjan for decades. What more can be said. In Višnjan you have everything: here you can eat, drink and sleep good. The location of the town is fantastic. We are less that half an hour from all of the most importnat museums on the peninsula or from all best restaurants and discoteques. We are only 10 car minutes from the new Istrian Aquapark and only 10 bike minutes from the gorgeous bike-trail „Parenzana”.

We will be glad to help you to choose your activity during the holidays in Villa Višnjan,

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Visit some unique attractions nearby. Nowhere in the world can you find so many attractions situated on such a small area. Once you have your own experience, feel free to contact us and book your accommodation.

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Welcome to Istria!
One of the most important motives to visit a certain region is certainly its gastronomy.
Istria will definitely not disappoint you in that respect.
If you are wondering what people eat in Istria, the answer is multifaceted: geographically, Istria resembles a triangle, while some people would say it is heart shaped, and since our peninsula opens up to the Mediterranean, we can definitely describe it as a region of Mediterranean cuisine.
In Istria, olive oil is regarded as medicine. It has been produced here for centuries. Its most important quality is the epithet extra virgin olive oil.
What else to serve with such delicious oil than fish. White or oily fish, molluscs and shellfish. One of the oldest trades along the coast is fishing.
If you decide to pick a restaurant that your host has recommended, you can try great and fresh fish every day here in Istria!
The Mediterranean touch is also felt thanks to pasta. Pasta in Istria is prepared in hundred different ways. In addition to meat, fish or asparagus, pasta is the queen of our menu, and it is especially tasty if it's homemade!
Istria’s hinterland, in areas where farmers used to exclusively work the land and grew vine, wheat and olives, naturally meat is eaten. Meat from family farms of assured quality or game. Game is a particular specialty served with pasta such as fuži, pljukanci or gnocchi. A specialty for meat lovers is Florentine steak with truffles.

We hope that we have helped you in choosing and remind you not to forget our excellent Istrian wines (Istrian Malvazija and Teran) in addition to all these delicacies.
Enjoy a delicious bite!
Bon appetite!


The truffle is a mysterious and unique tuber, completely concealed underground. It does not dispose of a plant suspended above the ground and therefore, no human being is able to spot it, except for a well-trained dog tracing it by smell. The land of our heart-shaped peninsula consists of two types of soil texture; the intensely red one in the coastal area and of the grey, clayish one in its central part. The truffle grows exactly in this grey soil, its epicenter being in the damp Motovun forest constantly moistened by the Mirna river flowing through its woods. To be more precise, it is mainly spotted in the County District of Oprtalj, by the townlet of Livade, and in the Buzet area, where Buzet has already been renowned as the TRUFFLE PLACE. The white Istrian truffle is one of the most highly appraised truffle species in the world. The dark Istrian truffle grows in summer and winter, the white grows in autumn. And after all, what is a truffle really? Perhaps an odd looking potato-like bulb of highly unpleasant smell, but once you get used to it and its culinary uniqueness, you become its true and eternal admirer. You tend to get addicted to it as one does to any other worldly vice. Source: Istra Gourmet



Wild asparagus is a self-propagating plant, harvested in spring and found in woods, meadows and other humid environs. Unlike garden asparagus which is cultivable, wild asparagus (Asparagus acutifolius L) is not. Slightly bitter, its soft stems are ideal with eggs. In Dalmatia, asparagus is typically served in salads with hard boiled eggs, but in Istria it is traditional to serve wild asparagus in scrambled eggs or frittatas. Other Istrian preparations include wild asparagus with cuttlefish, pasta, risotto, and pâté of wild asparagus. Bon appétit! Source: Istra Gourmet



Anything can be compared to this opaque, gold-coloured extra vergin olive oil; it is absolutely unique. The most valued vegetable fat in a human diet, it is a body care product, it is an elixir of life. Istria disposes of an unrivalled legacy, an excellent climate conditions and soil structure, a favourable geographic position, skills handed down from our ancestors , and believe it or not, olive oil produced in Istria that was once considered the most exquisite oil of the entire Roman Empire. There is also plenty of material evidence: remnants of diverse ancient oil manufactories along the entire western coast, particularly on the Brijuni archipelago (National parc), in the towns of Barbariga, Porec and Cervar Porat. Istria has been proclaimed the world´s highest quality olive region (2017) in the oli guide Flos Olei, the world´s only extra vergin olive oil guide. A whopping 60 Istrian olive growers and oil producers were classified alongside the 500 best olive oils from around the world.



Families engaged in agriculture have been living on this fertile soil for centuries. Surely you have noticed winery directional signs along your journey. Indeed, they lead to our winemakers, and this area is extremely well known for its high-quality wines and sparkling wines. However, we can say that, in the last twenty years or so, it was the third generation that really made a leap in our wine history. In fact, wine was produced only in small quantities and primarily for family needs, similar to olive oil, in a large part of Istria. At the beginning of the new millennium, many young residents in the Višnjan area decided to take a more serious approach to wine production, raise its quality, invest in technology and undergo continuous education in order to start up a successful business. Today, these people, who are known for their products not just locally but also abroad, proudly market their products all over Croatia and Europe, and represent a part of the wine milieu that brings profit to this beautiful region. (Fair Vinistra – if you miss your chance this summer, we suggest you try quality wines from the Croatian peninsula at a unique location, namely the wine fair “Vinistra”, which is held each year in mid-May in the city of Poreč.)

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