We would stress you to see the Lanterna peninsula, where you have kilometers of beaches a combination of pine, forest and short gravel areas and reefs. Half of the peninsula has a sunbathing area for nudists. Distance from Visnjan to Lanterna is 10 minutes by car in direction of Tar, there is also a seasonal bus. (Daily parking ca. 8,00 Eur)


Materada has a beach which you can rich by car (parking free of charge). On this beach there are several small buffets where you can drink beer and hire deck chairs. Under the hotel Materada there are showers and changing rooms and a playground for children. Distance from Visnjan to Materada is 10 minutes (direction Poreč-North).


The public beach in Poreč is known as Naftaplin. The beach is located near the city centre. Here is a beautiful promenade and pine trees. The sunbathing area is paved and the entrance into the water is via metal stairs. There are small snack bars, showers and dressing rooms. You can rent beach chairs, boats, canoes and paddelboats.

Plava Laguna

Beaches in the Blue Lagoon. This komplex is popular with tourists. Here the local swim as well as the tourists who stay in the hotels near the beach. It is however difficult to find parking. The beach waters are clear and the beach offers all facilities such as shower and changing rooms as well as chairs, boats, canooes and paddleboats for hire.

Zelena Laguna

Beaches in the Green Lagoon. Finally pebbles! Yes, here you will find gravel areas if you have younger children. On the beach you can play beach volleyball or table tennis. At the entry of this particular part of the city known as „The Green Lagoon” there is a ski lift which is enjoyable and fun to try. Near the ski lift there is a cafe’ where you can watch others fall as well as trying to master the skill of water skiing.

Lim fjord

Swimming in the Lim fjord or Lim kanal. It is a protected area so we recommend to go on a boat trip along the canal. Organised tours leave from Poreč-harbour daily (ca. 9:00 am). On the boat can purchase and fish lunch. After wards the capitan will select a point where you can jump into the water and enjoy. On the boat there is a guide that will show you the little towns along the coast. To book this excursion the Villa Višnjan staff will gladly assist.

Brijuni National Park

The educational underwater trail in Verige Bay on the southern side of Veli Brijun offers unique experience of visiting natural and archaeological sites of the exceptionally rich and well preserved marine world of Brijuni National Park. The approximately 500 metres long trail is not particularly demanding. In fact, it has been designed to appeal to users of all ages who can swim and use a diving mask and the snorkel. The tour lasts 45 minutes and includes swimming and underwater sightseeing at small depths using an audio guide and educational panels set up at various experiential points. Visitors are introduced to the exceptionally valuable contents that may only be seen by means of diving into the sea such as the well-known hydro-archaeological site – a part of the ancient complex of a sumptuous Roman villa from the first century submerged under the sea due to rising sea levels. There are numerous populations of fish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, algae, sea sponges, crabs and shellfish and the especially attractive noble pen shell, a rare and endangered endemic species strictly protected by law. Visitors shall be given the necessary snorkelling gear (diving masks and snorkels), with a possibility to rent underwater cameras.

Cape Kamenjak

The Cape Kamenjak nature reserve is located in the south of Istria, on the Premantura Peninsula and is famous for its wonderful beaches and natural wonders. Its indented coast stretches for 30 kilometres and has numerous picturesque hidden coves and islets. The peace and quiet it offers along with its exceptionally clean sea attracts a great number of guests who spend entire days at Kamenjak. Families with children can enjoy several sandy beaches, and visitors keen on sunbathing can choose to spend their day at the beach on stone slabs. The underwater world is teeming with life, making Kamenjak a well-known diving destination, while the sea currents make its southernmost part a favourite surfing spot.


The beach offers wonderful views along Istria’s coast and the Complex of the Basilica. A delightful dappled stroll through the pine forest leads to Pical Beach located below the hotels Zagreb and Pical. From the Beach Bar Tequila you can reach the nearby Poreč old town via a charming coastal walk.You can park in the Nikola Tesla streeet near the Crodux Petrol Station and enjoy your day!