Length: 8,2 km, difficulty: medium

The trail starts on the meadow situated at the beginning of the 12 kilometre long Lim Bay (Limski kanal), a flooded karst valley on the western coast of Istria. Lim Bay is a unique geomorphological and hydrological landscape protected by Croatian law. Furthermore, the bay was designated as special sea reserve, which makes it a suitable bivalve and fish hatchery. Frequent guests on the slopes of the bay are also adrenaline lovers who choose to explore the cliffs and rocks of the bay by climbing. In the area you can also find the path that leads to Romuald´s cave, which was named after St.Romuald, the hermit who, as the legend says, once lived there. The trail Lim- St.Martin follows the path along the sea in the eastern part of Lim Bay and it gradually ascends to fields over Lim at a height of 140 m. The trail runs around the 217 m high peak of St.Martin, which you can climb following the path that turns left at the crossing before the village of Bubani. The hilltop lookout offers a stunning view of the surrounding scenery. On the top of the hill, there is the Church of St.Martin.You can go back by following the same trail all the way to the junction. The trail turns left after the boccia-court and descends  into the Lim Valley. At the bottom of the valley, the trail gets

onto a gravel road, turns left and soon arrives back to the starting point.


Bike & trekking

MTB RACE PARENZANA CUBE (end of september)

The biggest race of recreational and professional cyclists in Istria, leads through places where “Parenzana” railway used to pass (Grožnjan, Vižinada,Višnjan, Poreč). At the end of September Istria is swamped with international bicycle lovers, both road and MTB. This event combines the MTB competitive race with more than 400 partecipants and the biggest recreational cycle tour for everyone: families, tourists, children.


Biking višnjan – THE TRAIL OF THE STARS

Višnjan – Markovac – Jadruhi – Baškoti – Prhati – Rapavel- Radovani – Bačva


Perhaps you didn’t know that here in Višnjan you can also find an astronomical observatory which is, according to its astronomical detections, ranked between the 5 most important observatories in the world? Over 1400 small planets of the solar system have been detected by a telescope in this observatory. Therefore, get your bicycle ready at the starting point in Višnjan and go for an exciting ride. You can also visit the neo-classicist Parish church of St Kvirik and St Julita from the 19th century with an imposing belfry and admire its two beautiful altarpieces, a work by the master Zorzi Ventura. At the beginning of the main street in Višnjan you will find the medieval church of St Anthony the abbot with Glagolitic inscriptions from the year 1550 and precious remains of frescoes by Dominic from Udine.


On your way back along a plateau 3 km south of Višnjan you will pass through a small village called Bačva (a barrel). Thinking about the inspiring name of this charming village refresh yourself with a glass of excellent wine.


Technical description:

Time: (1:15′-1:30′)

Long: 24,5 km

Start: Višnjan

End: Bačva/ Višnjan

Highest point: 331 m

Asphalt: 16.7 km

Macadam: 7.8 km

Difficulty: soft








The beautifully Parenzana was recently revitalized thanks to the financial support of the EU. It is a former railway line which was abolished back in 1935. The narrow gauge railway has been cleared of vegetation and debris, and the bridges have been reconstructed and cleaned. Security fences have also been put in place.


The importance of this route is that it connects three countries – Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. The reconstruction project has been named “Parenzana-The Route of Health and Friendship.”


It was officially declared as a bike path, however, is also suitable for walking.


The trail passes through the beautiful landscapes of old villages, picturesque towns, below to the beautiful valleys with rivers and forests, and then above to the hillsides. It also meanders through the vineyards and olive groves, of which the Istrians are excellent producers.


The railroad once went all the way to Porec and spanned 60 km but has now been rebuilt and moved from the Slovenian border to Vižinada.


The railway line once connected the span of what was then called the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During the history of the railway line it was used for the purpose of trading goods and, in particular the shipment of quality products from Istria to the imperial and royal palaces.


Because of the high demand for Istrian wine and the transportation of it to the imperial and royal palaces, the railway line was known to be called the ‘railroad wines’. However, in addition to this, the railroad also connected 33 towns and villages along the way.


After World War II the region was ceded to Italy, but the commercial and economic crisis in 1935 led to the extinction of the railway and to its dismantling.

(Source: parenzana.net)




Along the route you will experience every possible aspect of trail running, really technical terrain, a little bit of coastering, old medieval towns, deep forests, city centres, old train route, muddy valleys and breath-taking  panoramas. The course starts in Labin and it’s 171 km long. The route climbs the Ucka mountain  and descends in Buzet. The trail leads you afterwards to the smallest town in the world, the town of Hum, then to Motovun and Grožnjan, and the finish is in Umag.




The Poreč Dolphin is a swimming challenge for everyone – regardless of whether you make it to the finish line, your participation ensures you a medal and a t-shirt. You can swim with fins, on a float, freestyle, or backstroke … choose the length of the course yourself.

Registration fee is 80 HRK (about 11€). Paying direct on site, check-in zone or day before participating on pizza&pasta party.


ISTRALANDIA is situated close to Višnjan, at the Istrian Ypsilon (Istrian motorway). It has 4500m2 of pools, various attractions for children and adults, a big children’s pool with the water castle, a relaxing area with hydro-massaging baths, a pool with big waves, 27-metre free fall, the animation programme at the amphitheatre equipped with 500 seats. Zumba, aquagym, aquaerobic, a magician and a rich wine and food catering offer in 5 restaurants.

It’s a 10-minute car ride from Višnjan Villa. Motorway exit: Nova Vas/Brtonigla.





zvjezdarnicaIf you want to see new places, meet new people and their hobbies, Višnjan is the right choice. Beyond winemaking and tourism practiced by the majority, a fistful of people in Višnjan dedicate their „nights” to the sky. In Višnjan for decades operates a serious astronomic association that managed to rise the observatory of that small town with barely 2.400 inhabitants to a world level. Specialists say and we have the evidence ,that astronomers in Višnjan already in 1998 discovered more than 370 new asteroids, what is more than the sum of all discoveries of the observatories in Nizza, Wien, Pula and Belgrade togheter during their past. The next year they were even better, they discovered 923 new asteroids, two comets and one potentially dangerous object. Already in 2003 the Observatory in Višnjan became one of the most productive world observatory of all the times and started equipping the new and modern observatory on a new location in Tićan. Above discovering new astral events the astronomic association invests huge efforts in the education of youth.Since many years the international „Višnjan school of astronomy” is organized and the observatory became one of 19 centres of the world network for youth education (Network of excellence). Some of the members of the Astronomy association of Višnjan today are working on NASA projects. A curiosity is that in Višnjan is positioned in association with the German „European fireball network”, the camera no.77 which tapes meteors since many years.




The Baredine Cave has been known and visited since ancient times, while first documented explorations can be traced back to the beginning of the last century, when speleologists from Trieste explored it to the depth of 80 meters.

Bardeine Cave is the first speleological object and a geomorphological natural preserve in Istria evaluated for tourist visitations.


Besides visiting the cave, visitors can enjoy various additional facilities, such as a training ground for speleo climbing, geomorphological pillar, events and much more!


In an area that served as an intersection for communication and roads ever since, besides the Baredine cave as a natural monument, you can also visit an exhibition devoted to agriculture. It shows various items and machines closely linked to the history of this area and its people.

The first part of the exhibition is a permanent exhibition of about fifty historic tractors and agricultural machines called “Tractor story”. An old Fordson tractor from 1923, the first tractor in our village, might evoke feelings of nostalgia as well as a Diesel-engine with a heated head, which was used to run a mill in Poreč up until recently. It also includes numerous documents and photos of this time.

In the exclusive area of the Konobon-Gallery the story you can learn more about the story of the Mediterranean trilogy- bread, wine and olive oil, all present in this are from the period of Antiquity, the medieval period until the present moment.




Come to the kite festival and you will learn how to make one of your favorites kite in organised workshops. The kite festival in Bale is dedicated for both children and adults. Tame your kite and rule over the istrian sky! The festival takes place in Bale, by Rovinj, at the end of may.